Training and Mentoring

  • A range of procurement and VFM modules
  • Delivered by experienced, practical professionals
  • Dealing with real issues and providing lasting solutions
  • Focused on taking action and getting results
  • Leaving the skills and tools in your hands
Xantive’s team of seasoned professional trainers offer a range of bite size training and mentoring modules in support of developing processes in areas of business such as

Process Reviews – Your team may know where and what causes waste and inefficiency in your business processes. Our approach taps into that knowledge in an organised, systemic way so that process managers can fine tune processes and procedures without having to engage an expensive facilitator to tell you what you already know.

Contracts Audits – Are your contracts still relevant? Are they current? Are you over- or under-spending? Our Audit helps you establish areas of risk including, categories where you may not have contracts, but should.

Tendering – Our Team has hands on live experience of hundreds of tenders for our housing clients over the last ten years. That experience is captured into strong, effective tender templates for just about every category of spend. We share these with you, help you adapt them for your organisation, and lead you through a properly compliant tender process up to award of contract; and if you want we stay with you for as long as you require afterwards.

Contract Recovery – Sometimes, a contract becomes a real barrier to effective working relationships and getting the job done. We can help you through a structured review process, starting with a needs assessment with all parties including your Tenants, Team and Suppliers and then we help you reinstate the discipline of supplier management in a positive go-forward way. As long as you and your supplier want to get things working properly, we can recover the situation for you.

Other Xantive services that might interest you:


  • Quick and easy to deploy as a Management Tool
  • Can be used individually or as a Team
  • Better, Quicker results than statistical analysis
Spend Analysis

  • Specifically configured for Housing
  • Can be used time and again
  • Spot Procurement and Social Value trends

VFM Surveys

  • Understand how well VFM is embedded across Teams
  • Every response individually assessed
  • Identify leaders and training requirements


Xantive Diagonstic Tool

Diagnostic Tool

Try our FREE diagnostic tool which will help you to identify which areas in you could become more effective, efficient and economic.