• Quick and easy to deploy as a Management Tool
  • Can be used individually or as a Team
  • Compares you against good/poor practices
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Learn sector specific success
This application provides a more insightful approach to benchmarking than statistics can do on their own. When you are considering how your business is performing, you need to know what the hares and tortoises in the sector are achieving; and as we know this doesn’t necessarily relate to size or function; it does relate to how commercial an organisation’s approach and outlook is.Every diagnostic helps you to understand what the leading organisations in housing are working towards in terms of becoming increasingly commercial in outlook, in dealing with suppliers and in managing their business efficiently and effectively to deliver the best possible value for their tenants and stakeholders as laid out in the regulatory framework.

It helps you to determine what you have in place, ideally what you still need to put in place and to become ever more confident and capable in adapting and implementing commercial practices.

Each one can and has been used by individuals, executive teams, and senior management both as workshop and assessment tools to inform, and guide, discussion on each topic.

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