Contract Manager

  • On line, up to date, fully accessible register
  • Contractor performance assessment
  • Spend tracking
  • Manage underperformance
  • Auto prompting and escalation of reminders
Contract Manager is a commercial-style supply chain management tool that a housing organisation can adopt, adapt and improve over time until it is really in charge of suppler relations and contractual compliance. It combines a Contract Register with a comprehensive secure document store, which can link through to intranet stored information, for contracts and review notes etc; with a prompt and reminder system including escalation capabilities and a contract appraisal system covering supplier performance assessments, KPIs and surveys that reports through clear Red/Amber/Green visual codes.

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Xantive Diagonstic Tool

Diagnostic Tool

Try our FREE diagnostic tool which will help you to identify which areas of your current Contract Management process could become more effective, efficient or economic.