Hi and Welcome

Welcome to our latest website and thank you for visiting us, we have tried to create a fresh looking site for you that communicates Xantive not to everyone and anyone but to you.

Hopefully now you are here you will feel that it is easy to understand who we are, what we do, how we do it and who we are already doing it for; and maybe we will have stirred your curiosity enough for you to have a go at a free business process diagnostic, download a copy of our widely used “The Language of Value for Money” publication or even prompt us to contact you directly.

Our new site is however deliberately focused and brief, we really don’t want to try and convince you of our pedigree through the sparkliness of our website, the areas our products and services cover are important, we want to inspire you that with a wealth of experience and a unique product offering it is worthwhile talking things through properly with us; and if not us why not speak to our Clients!

The information within is really designed to help you understand one thing; Xantive have got a different perspective and offer to solve these issues.

You can see that at Xantive we are not focused on trying to convince you that we have the biggest number of ¬†¬£’s going through our system, or that we have the largest fee paying supplier portal, or pretending to you that because its software one size and one version really can fit every sector because we really don’t believe that any of those things can help you to to achieve what our Clients tell us they are trying to do with these programmes.

We are however very, very interested in your input as to what you need from us to further enable you to do your jobs easier and quicker whilst at the same time ensuring that you are getting the best possible value and making the processes as efficient as is possible.

Today we have a nationwide user community that have already have experienced why Xantive are slightly different, if you have a requirement for supported software that can enable better procurement and VFM processes for your organisation please let let us come and talk to you, with 20+ years of experience of working in Social Housing we really do think that our products will give you better results.





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