Changes to the EU Public Sector Procurement regulations in 2016; how compliant will you be?

From 30th June 2016, changes to the regulations for public sector procurement will see a requirement by social housing organisations to implement OJEU compliant, internet-based procurement systems.

“…the Directive may have enduring significance… , not only because its objective of simplification and modernisation will change the way procurement is conducted, but also because it presents opportunities to increase the efficiency of public spending, makes it easier for small and medium enterprises to get a fairer share and makes it easier for the buyer to achieve social value and environmental benefits”. *

Through the practical hands-on experience and knowledge of our team, and the application of sound proven commercial practice, Xantive has developed intuitive, OJEU compliant e-procurement software specifically for the social housing market.

So if you want to:

  • Comply with changes to public sector procurement regulations
  • Improve the management of procurement within your organisation
  • Ultimately save time and money
  • Be transparent and more easily auditable

Then contact us to discover how Xantive can help, by emailing info@xantive, or calling 01527 577770,

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