About Us

 Through the practical hands-on experience of our seasoned team and the application of sound proven commercial practice we have learnt what works and what doesn’t in Housing; and after 12 years we have built a reputation for innovation in Procurement, Continuous Improvement and assisting our Clients to deliver steadily increasing Value For Money to their tenants and Stakeholders.

But things move on and Clients have to respond to different demands on them. So, In response to comment from the sector around there being a lack of Housing sector specific software tools to support procurement and process improvement teams we used our experience and knowledge to transform our business to incorporate an in house software development team so that our Clients could benefit from implementing and utilising fit for Housing, easy to use web-based software modules to improve the effective management of these areas of their businesses in house.

Today we have a nationwide user community in Housing who are enjoying the benefits that our suite of software tools can provide; Client users who have taken time to think about it and recognised that there are ranging benefits to be gained from implementing a properly supported programme of software that has enabled them to be able to embed excellent processes and improve the management of the Supply Chain and Value related programmes using their own team.

We would like you to find out how utilising the Xantive software tools and proven techniques can deliver improved financial and operational efficiency in your Organisation.

At Xantive its not about being the biggest, it’s about giving you the right tools and right support so you can get on with getting it right.